Be Courageous:
Take Care of Your Breasts!

A woman undoubtedly needs courage to acknowledge her breasts and gather the strength to embark on a journey of self-care. “Sahasi” means ‘Courageous One’.

Sahasi Breast Care Massage is a unique and holistic therapy that not only enhances physical well-being but also fosters a profound connection with one’s breasts, bringing joy and awareness naturally.

Learn how to take care of your breasts
Caring for your breasts is a beautiful act of self-love

Do you have one of these issues?

▸ Breast-related issues, such as pain, tenderness, hyperplasia, or benign tumors?

▸ Fear of developing breast cancer?

▸ Hardened scar tissues from implants, visible stretch marks?

▸ Being in a post-natal or breast-feeding phase?

▸ Emotional challenges tied to your breasts, such as past breast abuse or complex feelings about your breast’s size, shape, or firmness?

▸ Mild depression, anxiety, fear, or burnout, and are seeking to boost your self-confidence?

▸ Menstrual issues, dysmenorrhea, premenstrual or premenopausal symptoms?

▸ Hormonal, infertility or reproductive system issues?

▸ Post-treatment rehabilitation for breast cancer?

What Breast Care does

Breast care is deeply relaxing and healing

▸ Breast nourishment & pain relief
▸ Improving blood circulation
▸ Improvement in shape & tone of breasts
▸ Feeling deeply & intimately nurtured
▸ Breast cancer rehabilitation

▸ Lymphatic drainage
▸ Self-Awareness & Self-Care
▸ Hormonal balance
▸ Stress reduction & empowerment
▸ Early detection & prevention of breast diseases
▸ Reduction of stretch marks

▸ Softening of scar tissue from implants
▸ Boosting reproductive system
▸ Stimulation of marma points
▸ Healing from traumas
▸ Reconnecting with femininity

What Women Say about Breast Care

I would have loved to continue longer

This breast massage is one of the few things I can do to slow down, to be present and enjoy and take care of my body.

When I do this breast care I tune into my body, it really helps me to drop down from mind and to land in my heart & body.

Mercedes Lundström

Adventure Guide, Meditation Facilitator

A wake up call

21 day Sahasi Breastcare program turned out to be a wake up call from the way I was leading my life to discover a ‘ New Way of Living the Life’ , In the Now‘.

Veena Shrikant

Clinical hypnotherapist & International Trainer for Past Life Regression

A masterly designed program

Looking back at the Sahasi Breast Care 21 days therapeutic massage program with Taruna, the felt sense that emerges in me is one of profound peace, silence of the mind, spaciousness, lightness, softness of the body, lovingness and compassion.

Yashodhara Elena Roncoroni

Tibetan Pulsing facilitator

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Looking deep
into Sahasi Breast Care

A fundamental cause of breast-related issues is the suppression of breasts — constantly striving to alter them, beautify them, or reject them as they naturally are.
Dr. Sanjivani Taruna

The Sahasi breast program takes a unique approach compared to traditional breast care programs. While conventional ones primarily focus on early breast cancer diagnosis through methods like mammography, Sahasi breast care is true breast care.

It educates women on techniques to care for their breasts, preventing various breast diseases, balancing hormones, and reducing stress—a significant contributor to women’s health issues.

Sahasi Breast Care Massage Therapy for women involves extensive work on the breast area and its supporting structures. The aim is to encourage a delightful feeling of healthy breasts and instill greater confidence in maintaining breast health, with deeper therapeutic benefits.

Massage over and around the breast tissue improves or helps maintain health in all parts of female reproductive tissue and assists in hormonal balancing.

Sahasi Breast Care Massage also includes the supporting structures of the breasts, such as the arms, armpits, rib cage, belly, head, neck, face, and back. This prevents toxins stored in these areas from finding their way into the breast tissue, unlike most breast massage techniques that focus solely on the breasts.

Sahasi Breast Care Massage incorporates specific vital energy points, benefiting women’s overall health as well as breast health.

The breast strokes are precise, based on the scientific knowledge of Dr. Sanjivani Taruna, incorporating anatomy knowledge of the breasts, supporting tissues, lymphatic system, and blood circulation.

Specific stretches, developed with Master Kusum Modak’s assistance, enable the stimulation of deep-seated lymph nodes and ducts, reaching parts that are typically challenging to access.

What sets Sahasi Breast Care Massage apart from any other breast massage technique globally, is the combination of modalities – herbal oil application, stimulation of marma points, scientific breast strokes, and yoga-based stretches.

This unique blend facilitates the release of toxins from surrounding structures and deeper tissues.

Breasts are positive energy poles of a woman’s body. The therapist communicates a specific sutra to the receiver during the session, derived from ancient Indian meditation techniques. The uniqueness lies in the mutual benefit – the giver equally benefits from the session.

Sahasi certified therapists create an immediate sense of nurture, nourishment, and joy for women worldwide. The session fosters a natural connection with the breasts physically, mentally, and emotionally, promoting self-awareness.

Marma points, traditional vital energy points, act as switches connecting conscious intention with the body’s innate healing capabilities. They stimulate nourishment and cleansing of tissues.

The combination of marma points, specific breaststrokes, and yoga-based stretches mobilizes toxins, fat, and excess energies, promoting lymphatic drainage and increased blood flow to revitalize breast tissue. Strokes around the breasts and on surrounding areas further support this cleansing action.

The specific yoga-based stretches play a crucial role in maintaining healthy breasts by eliminating toxins from the deepest supporting parts.

Sahasi Breast Care Massage is a unique and holistic therapy that not only enhances physical well-being but also fosters a profound connection with one’s breasts, bringing joy and awareness naturally.

The breast care work began with a focus on preventing and helping with breast cancer. Starting as a 3-day program, it has grown into a 21-day experience. Initially, it mainly looked at the physical health of the breasts. But over time, it became clear that it touches various parts of women’s lives, bringing about changes that can be quite surprising.

Even though the practices are simple, they have amazing effects on women’s bodies. Dr. Taruna, being scientific-minded, noticed improvements in her hormones, reproductive system, body, and mind. The practice not only made her breast tissue healthier but also created a strong connection with her breasts, even more than when she was breastfeeding her three children.

In the 21 years of the Sahasi Breast Care Program, many women have shared beautiful stories. Some who struggled with severe depression and took antidepressants found relief and didn’t need medication after the program. Issues related to hormones and reproduction got better or completely went away.

Women with breast cysts or adenomas saw improvement. Those scared of breast cancer, especially if someone close had it, found comfort.

Women who experienced abuse, both sexual and breast-related, found healing. And those recovering from breast cancer treatment felt like their breasts had come back, bringing back their confidence.

The changes seen in women during the program are amazing. Dr. Taruna keeps learning new things as the program continues to surprise her.

Participants often notice the world differently, appreciating the beauty of the sky or nature more. Dr. Taruna’s friend Vivek, part of the program for six years, always brings deep insights and joy after each session.

Breasts are seen as positive energy poles in this program. As women become more positive, confident, caring, and creative, they also become more relaxed. This journey teaches self-love, making them capable of loving others. In the end, everyone becomes more like a mother, which is a beautiful and noble quality.

This ongoing journey and the positive changes in each person show the lasting impact of the Sahasi Breast Care Program. It’s a reminder of the incredible potential within every woman’s breast care journey.

The logo for Sahasi Breast Care embodies four key components:

The Rod of Asclepius
This iconic symbol from Greco-Roman mythology represents healing and medicine. Asclepius, the god of healing, wielded this staff, with a serpent entwined around it. Serpents historically symbolize health, healing, and protection.

Breast Symbol
Pink breasts are the sign of health and beauty and purple nipples signify transformation and showering bliss on oneself and the universe.

The Lotus
Symbolizing beauty, purity, strength, persistence, and transformation, the lotus reflects the transformative journey that Sahasi Breast Care offers to women.

The Colors
The chosen colors are significant – turquoise represents healing, rosy or pink signifies femininity, and purple embodies wisdom and transformation. This blend of colors reflects the holistic approach of Sahasi Breast Care, combining medical expertise with holistic healing techniques.

In essence, the logo conveys the message that through the integration of wise healing techniques, medical knowledge, and holistic approaches, women can experience healing, wisdom, bliss, femininity, and transformation.

Dr. Sanjivani Taruna
Founder and director of Sahasi Breast Care

The Basic Principles of Sahasi Breast Care

Breast care combines yoga-inspired stretches, specific vital energy points, breast care massage and feminine meditations. It encompasses lymphatic drainage, improved blood circulation, breast tissue mobilization, and the release of stiffness around the breasts.

Breast Care consists of 4 major elements:


A meditative technique originating from Tibetan monasteries

Humming will improve vital energy, immunity and vital capacity.

Humming will also bring peace, softness, acceptance and deepest relaxation within.

Yoga for Women

Tailored yoga asanas designed for women’s bodies target the hormonal and reproductive system, breasts, and chest.

This path offers the potential to achieve a state of outer and inner health through dedicated practice.

Breast Care Massage

Sahasi Breast Care, 60-minute breast care massage technique.

Included are short (10 min) and relaxed version (50 min) to empower you to tailor the practice to your schedule and needs

You can offer a 60 minute session to another woman professionally.

Meditation on Breasts

Meditation from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra enhancing the health of your chest, breasts. Connecting you with your femininity and creativity.

Finally it will bring you to a state of No Mind or Zero stress level, if done regularly.

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