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The wake up call

21 day Sahasi Breastcare program turned out to be a wake up call from the way I was leading my life to discover a ‘ New Way of Living the Life’ , In the Now ‘.

On everyday basis I got into a structured program of…

  1. Getting up early.
  2. Doing Meditations , connecting to my being.
  3. Doing Ayurvedic Yogasanas especially designed for a woman’s body.
  4. Eating Organic , no sugar , no chilli, non genetically modified food’s diet .
  5. Showing love , respect and gratitude to my body by doing Massage and activating Vital Energy points to help my body tap into the universal source of perennial energy .
  6. Learning to care and share, respect with exchange of massage with another woman.
  7. Community living to learn discipline, mutual respect , giving and asking for space , being in integrity in verbal, non verbal communication and much much more.
  8. Experiencing a deep connection with nature with pockets of ‘me time’ during an activity packed day .

My Take Aways from 21 days program:

  1. Giving myself priority.
  2. A regime of self care to nourish the body , mind , soul.
  3. Honouring my needs and valuing others contributions.
  4. Discovering that I can put in so much in 24 hours and find time for everything that matters to me.
  5. Opening the layers & tapping into my hidden sources of power and possibilities.
  6. Loosing weight and loosing inches , what had become a difficult task in last few years in spite of trying so many ways.
  7. Set on a path of Healthy living , thinking and being a contribution.

Thank you Dr. Taruna Sanjivani for creating this superlative program for All woman ,based on your more than 2 decades experience in holistic Healing and Living. Is it any wonder that your name means , ‘ Forever Youthful & Life Giving Plant ‘ !

Veena Shrikant

Clinical hypnotherapist & International Trainer for Past Life Regression

A great gift

To participate in Sahasi Breast Care Program with Taruna has been the greatest gift I could give myself. I could dive deeply into my being with daily OSHO meditation, yoga exercises, breast selfcare and as a bonus I learned how to share this fantastic work with other women.

The program has been created with amazing care and consciousness, everything was included. I really appreciate the completely holistic care.

From carefully chosen ayurvedic and organic food natural and supportive environment of Indian jungle, focus on living healthy lifestyle and learn how to improve detoxification of woman’s body.

And on top we share joyful and laughing moments with the friends from around the world.

And Taruna is so relaxed and inspiring teacher! It has been magic experience. Looking forward to come back. ❤️


Meditation facilitator
Czech Republic

I would have loved to continue longer

This breast massage is one of the few things I can do to slow down, to be present and enjoy and take care of my body.

When I do this breast care I tune into my body, it really helps me to drop down from mind and to land in my heart & body.

It is deeply nurturing. It works on so many levels for me, from taking care of the breast on a physical level, to take care of my heart and emotions, to connection on a meditation level, to connect to the bigger, the devine.

So many levels, so whole, so holistic.

Also scientific and also heartful, I love it.

Connecting through the breast, is the way for me to connect to my whole body. The breast are my doorway.

The breast care was my first experience with connecting to my body deeply, to start to understand it, to befriend it, to come closer to myself.

Also for me who has quite some masculine energy this really helps me to develop and nurture my female side.

With getting the understanding from Taruna of how the body and breast works, it is needed self responsibility, knowing my own body landscape, and for me it is a very empowering feeling to know my breast well.

Not to be dependent on doctors, of course when it might be needed I will take help from doctor. But not putting all my fate in someone else’s hands, instead I know, this makes me feel strong and independent.

And deepening the self trust, that the body knows, that I know and that I can take care of myself.

My mind is so fast, but realizing that my body needs more time, that is why it was so meaningful with the 21 days.

I could see how the dynamic of my fast mind was in unbalance with my body who needed more time. And with time I trusted my body more and more.

I would also have loved to continue more days.

It is beautiful at Sangham too, not to have distractions from men, internet, the outside world, that supported even more to go in.

I recommend this program deeply from my heart, I trust Taruna, I trust myself, I trust my body, I trust my breast. I totally trust this work.

Mercedes Lundström

Adventure Guide, Meditation Facilitator

I went deep into myself

I didn’t really know what to expect when I decided to join the Sahasi Breast Care Program, but for sure I would never have expected to receive so much.

It’s been a long, transformative journey.

I feel that I went deep into myself, faced my fears and demons, and come back again with more awareness, acceptance and love.

Taruna is very passionate about her work, and I could feel during the program all her dedication and attention to every detail.

Her determination, discipline, care, generosity and playfulness have been of inspiration.

I’ve also received important instruments that I can keep using for my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and I’ll do my best to help this work to spread!


Sahasi Breast Care Massage Therapist

Breast cancer in my family

I try to write you my experience with you, Sangham and the breast care work…

2018 i came first in contact with the breastcare work of Taruna on a greek island within a spiritual festival. There was a board with different options on massage and all kinds of body work and also a sign for a breastcare massage on ayurveda.

It pulled me urgently and i booked a session with curiosity and a little fear but it needed to be done as my whole body wanting to.

This session created more inside me a longing to take care of my breast in advance and to get a positive connection to them from inside. My granny dies on breast cancer so the fear through that and also through the high numbers of diseases on breast cancer made me listen and looking for a way of prevention.

So the way started and i informed myself of the teacher Dr. Taruna and her Sahasi breast care program in india below New Delhi and near Nagpur in the outback.
I have been in India before so i new already that this country has something which i love and i feel connected and friendly with the people and the way of being but still it was a challenge to go there alone but Taruna helped a lot with everything in advance to make it happen easily.

In 2019 i traveled to Nagpur and started the 21 days breastcare program in Shangam. I was the only western woman (germany) within woman from india or China at that time but it fitted and doesn’t made any difference from whom we are. All woman where on the way of taking care of their breast with different backgrounds. Some have already experience with cancer in the family, on themself or just had respect of which might happen, or just liked to integrate the part of the breast into the whole bodysystem and touch.

It was a special time – very intense with a tough program starting every early morning with meditation, yoga, and rituals with herbs, dancing, sharing and joy. The atmosphere was familiar and loving and all had been part of the tribe with the friends and helpers of Taruna and her family. Great Ayurveda food had been a big support for the body to clean and feel well. The teachings on our breast and our whole body-mind system had been the biggest part and the heart of this 21 days program.

We learned and experienced a new world through Taruna. The teaching and the exchange had been in a great base so the mind tried to understand and the body began to feel and experience.

Through this time in India my whole system changed and my breasts become an important and flowing part of my being so i stay in contact with the touch and the energy with them which is wonderful and helpful to keep their well-being and stay connected with sensitivity and awareness.

I also started to give sessions for woman in northern germany where this kind of work is not known yet but create an interest and a curiosity.

Since 2019 where my journey on my breast began everything still stays present 5 years later through being in touch with Taruna and the movement which it became also through being part of some workshops on weekend base present in germany and also online and the 21 days online workshop and through the meditations, yoga and especially the selfcare and the massages i am giving to myself and other woman as a prevention, an aftercare or just a wellness to feel good.

Can’t think of being without all this

Since 5 years i’m deeply in touch with this great work which changed my life and it will go on.

Thank you, Taruna

Salima Christina Nymbach

Sahasi Breast Care Massage Therapist

Simply charming

In November 2016, I had the pleasure of participating in Taruna’s 21-day breast care program in India.

Having experienced her thorough teaching in previous trainings, including Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and breast massage, I can confidently say that I was once again amazed by this remarkable woman.

Taruna’s work spans across physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions and is carried out with meticulous care.

Everything within the program is simply charming – from the plain and unassuming way of life to the pure and simple food, yoga exercises, meditation practices, massage therapies, and the connections with other women.

Above all, the opportunity to be in close proximity to Taruna herself is truly enriching.

The program is thoughtfully designed and flawlessly executed, flowing with its harmonious rhythm. It gradually immerses you in the depths of your soul, where you find peace and a sense of belonging.

Interacting with the energies of so many women and realizing that you are part of a beautiful collective whole is a transformative process.

I hope every woman has the opportunity to participate in this program, whether she’s dealing with illness or not, because it’s the most meaningful and wonderful way to reconnect with her femininity.

A special thanks to you, Taruna, for your role in this program.

I’m grateful to the universe for bringing you into my life, allowing me to be inspired by your enchanting presence.

Ekaterina Minkova

Ayurveda & Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist

Rejuvenating my breast

I spent almost a month in this beautiful natural complex called Sangham, where Dr. Sanjivani provided us with a significant experience concerning women’s breasts.

Why did I come here?

Firstly, for myself – for 2 long years, I had been waiting for this opportunity to take my time and take care of my breasts.

In one of them, I have a fibroma that started to grow when I began to have relationship problems. I didn’t want to end the story by cutting it off; I was still looking for an alternative healing method.

Taruna mentioned that sometimes we have so-called emotional anomalies that we can dissipate by practicing self-massage and receiving sessions. It’s not my case, but I still see that where I focus my attention, things are changing.

Every step in this program is meticulously planned with such small details. There is always room for spontaneity and flexibility, a beautiful and necessary way to live in a community of women only and in the middle of the jungle.

The program is very solid, like a structure needed to support a process, and yet there is room for playfulness, creativity, and joy. I really enjoyed this journey within a journey, especially during specific meditations that dig so deeply into nature, facing my own power and new resources.

Also, at Sangham, I experienced a beautiful quality of silence. It’s incredible how in a forest full of sounds of birds and animals, there is still such a quality of deep stillness and silence.

Right now, I am giving sessions to my friends, I have created a page on my website where I offer my service of giving these sessions.

Julija Lesnevska
Sundar Chiyono

Dance Teacher

21 days are just right

The 21 days Sahasi breast care massage therapy course has been for me really and deeply holistic.

It has been a thorough learning experience together with the many practices of wellbeing.

The Sangham is indeed a space to connect with oneself and with life.
The physical space, in the buffer zone between the village and the forest, home also to tigers, is allowing to arrive, to land and to open up to the real energy of nature.

The structure of the course was so organic, woven into the vast knowledge and experience of Taruna.

I felt the learning of the breast massage very much supported and nourished by:
▸ the morning meditations,
▸ the yoga sessions,
▸ the purifying hot neem water for the bucket showers,
▸ the Kundalini meditation in late afternoon,
▸ the white robe session before bed time,
▸ the precious walks in the forest,
▸ the freshly prepared healthy food,
▸ the dancing and the laughter,
▸ the No mind meditation,
▸ the delicate intimate moments of sharing with the group.

I appreciate the duration of the course because I felt to be in a space so rich of teachings and at the same time not overcrowded with informations.

Step by step, each day I was welcoming fresh learning together with integration of the program, feeling my body coming more awake, sharing with myself and the group.

I am ever so grateful that the Sahasi breast care massage therapy has crossed my path.

Grateful to Taruna that I consider a real Teacher, opening up to the Feminine world with such a powerful and delicate tool of the breast care.

The meditation of the breast in the afternoon with the breast pack remains embedded in my deep self as a protected space in which the Shiva’s sutra given to Parvati unravels itself, bringing insights and bliss.

I highly invite women to take time to participate to such a learning, to discover that through our beautiful breasts we can connect to the source of love, joy and peace.

Zina Daniele

Yoga & Massage Therapist

A masterly designed program

Looking back at the Sahasi Breast Care 21 days therapeutic massage programme with Taruna, the felt sense that emerges in me is one of profound peace, silence of the mind, spaciousness, lightness, softness of the body, lovingness and compassion.

Working on my breasts it’s been beyond anything I could imagine: I experienced a deep connection with and love for myself.

A sense of enoughness and completeness gradually grew day after day, bringing an underlying quality of tranquility in my whole system.

The detox that is happening through the massage itself, (supported by the specific diet, the ayurvedic supplements, the yoga asana and the meditations), gives space for a sense of newness to arise, a quality of innocence, together with clarity of the mind, sharp intuition and creative inspirations.

The program is masterfully designed with thorough steps, accurate building blocks that easily take you through the learning process in such a way that everything that is conveyed settles firmly in you and becomes embodied understanding.

Being a medical doctor as well as a meditator and a meditation therapy facilitator, Taruna guides and teaches with a rare balance between scientific precision, loving care for every single one of the participants, intuition, lightness, flexibility.

Above all, she transmits with passion, humbleness, joy, gratitude and love, this “work” for the benefit of all us, women.
I also felt the power of the meditative field that holds the space for inner exploration to happen.

In an era of all sorts of weekend seminars with great promise, the Sahasi Breast Care 21 days therapeutic massage programme stands out as one that authentically makes the difference.
I wish for every woman to experience it.

Yashodhara Elena Roncoroni

Tibetan Pulsing facilitator

Feedback Online Courses

So relaxing

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you and your team for making this program available online.

I’ve had a highly positive experience this weekend and am motivated to continue the practice.

Your well-structured class and unhurried teaching style allowed me to absorb a lot of information comfortably.

I appreciated the emphasis on practice and the soothing rhythm. I plan to keep practicing because of how relaxing it is. I felt existentially relaxed after this weekend, fostering deep self-love and acceptance.

Your gentle voice saying “slowly, slowly” still echoes in my mind. I’ve also noticed it’s helping with my skin condition, which can be quite itchy. This kind of deep relaxation has really helped me.

Thank you.



Repetition is crucial

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to participate in your online course.

It was an amazing refresher of the practice, and you also shared some new information.

As you said, learning through repetition is crucial, and it’s not only about my own practice. With it, I’ve noticed it forms a pattern that I follow.

It’s essential to repeat with the teacher because there’s always a fresh perspective afterward.

I also enjoyed being in a circle of my friends, sharing the offline space together.

I feel more open and grounded again.

Thank you.



So much energy

Thanks for sharing your work. I can feel so much energy flowing after the massage.

This work is incredibly important, and I’m genuinely happy to be part of this group. 🙏💕



Essential for mothers

I’m delighted that you created this group and that I have the opportunity to learn more.

I believe it’s essential to connect and have a reference guide to continue the practice, especially as I’m just starting.

I’m committed to my practic, and I’m witnessing changes in my body and mood.

My determination is growing stronger.

I truly consider you a gift to us women, especially to mothers who often forget to care for themselves while tending to their children, families, and work.

This is not just my experience but also that of many of my friends.

I extend my gratitude to everyone in this group.

Sending love and light to all ❤️ 🙏 🌞



Amazing yoga and breast care

Thank you very much for creating this group, Taruna 🧡.

I’ve been practicing yoga and breast care nearly every morning, and I feel more balanced and energized. 

The yoga practice is truly amazing; it’s like a self-massage! A few days ago, I practiced breast care with my friend Vivek, who invited me to the online workshop.

It was a lovely experience to share this moment with another sister 🌸.

Thank you for sharing this incredible gift with women.



Becoming a new person

Thank you for creating this group.

It’s amazing because I’ve recently started practicing breast care meditation every night, and it’s had a positive impact on the quality of my sleep.

I wake up in the morning feeling like a new person!

And today, I receive your messages. ♥️

Yes, please continue to share your amazing work with us.

Sending lots of love to everyone in this group ❤️💕🤗.



Stable emotions

I’ve been practicing the meditation, points, and strokes every morning, and it’s been a wonderful experience.

I can feel a change in my breasts and even in my urine (it seems like toxins are being released).

I’ve also observed that my emotions have been more stable 😊. 



Further feedback

I survived breast cancer

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 and underwent surgery followed by 36 radiation treatments.

I experienced pain at the surgical scar and had two nodules above my chest, one small and one larger. 

There was also an average-sized nodule, about the size of a thumbtack.

That’s when I decided to seek help from Mrs. Taruna, who provided me with three consecutive full-body massages, using oil and detoxifying powder.

The massages covered my back, shoulders, legs, and feet, leaving me feeling incredibly relaxed.

After the massages, Taruna also worked on the two nodules and the one slightly above. To my amazement, the nodules began to shrink noticeably. The upper nodule had reduced in size by up to 80% after the first Ayurvedic breast massage.

I continued to feel relaxed and comfortable for at least eight days after the massage.

A few days later, the upper ‘thumbtack’ nodule had completely disappeared, and the pain in my breast was gone.

I learned the self-massage techniques for the breast, which I continue with sesame oil. Additionally, I listen to my meditation CDs every night, focusing on both my breast and heart, which contributes to my sense of healing.

To take care of my armpits, I use coconut oil, which also serves as a natural deodorant.

Dr. Taruna has a soothing voice and performed yoga stretches during the massage, which greatly benefited me.

Despite the language barrier, she demonstrated the techniques effectively, making the experience truly wonderful.

Gisela Fina


Releasing my mother’s scar pain

I am René Fina, a physical therapist and Pilates instructor, and, most importantly, the son of Gisela Fina.

When I heard about Taruna’s treatment, I was eager to learn the Ayurvedic breast massage to help my mother with her scar pain. 

However, I quickly realized that it wasn’t permitted for me, as a man, to participate in the teaching. Instead, Taruna kindly invited my mother to take part in the program.”

The structure of the program is very practical, with plenty of repetitions, making it easy to learn from her.

Taruna’s patience and empathy shine through in her teaching. Even my mother, who only speaks German, learned just as much as I did.

After the first treatment, I could see a noticeable sparkle in my mother’s eyes, and she appeared much more at ease.

Now, I believe that by addressing muscle tension influenced by fear, a free mind-body or body-mind connection can be cultivated.

Taruna taught me something even more valuable than technique – the importance of giving with love and a spiritually positive connection.

I learned that I must first feel good and comfortable myself before I can create a healing effect that can be shared with others.

I have been implementing this idea in my own treatments and training, and I am grateful to Taruna for sharing her knowledge with us.

Thanks to Taruna, both my mother and I have become happier individuals who are no longer afraid to openly discuss our feelings.

Taruna, you have our heartfelt gratitude.

René Fina

Physical Therapist & Pilates Trainer

I almost escaped

I’m so glad I came here!

Two years ago, I first heard Taruna’s name, and I decided to meet her.

However, I didn’t have the chance until now. Like many others, I tried to escape numerous times during these 21 days, but in the end, I persevered.

It’s my good fortune!

During these 21 days, I underwent a profound transformation, receiving many invaluable gifts. I’ve adopted a new perspective on life, recognizing the things that were holding me back from fully participating in life.

I’ve come to realize that many of the mistakes I saw in others were reflections of myself.

I’ve also learned the importance of being content with who I am and turning my focus inward. This lesson is invaluable and will stay with me for the rest of my life.

I’m immensely grateful for your compassion, love, and kindness, which have enriched my life.

I hope your dreams come true swiftly, and I believe you’ll positively impact the lives of countless women.

Thank you once again for everything. You will always hold a special place in my mind and heart.

Tang Li

Spiritual Teacher

Balanced during menopause

This therapy is an extraordinary experience! I tried Dr. Sanjivani’s (Taruna) Sahasi Breast Massage at Boyka’s Studio as a new and alternative option for hormonal balance and energizing. 

Being a woman in menopause, I experienced most of the typical symptoms for this period, including depression, insomnia, and hot flashes.

The therapy impacts both the body and soul; it is not only relaxing but also restorative.

It contributes to the physical and emotional balance and self-confidence of the woman.

The healing effect is undeniable!

If you love yourself, you should treat yourself to such a gift!

Antoaneta Getova


10 sessions for menstruation issues

The effect of Sahasi Breast Massage is versatile.

It restores the natural balance of hormones and enhances a woman’s well-being and self-confidence.

Five years ago, I had my thyroid gland removed, and after the operation, my menstrual cycle became irregular, accompanied by problems and side effects.

A friend recommended Dr. Sanjivani’s (Taruna) Ayurvedic Breast Massage, which I decided to try at Boyka’s Studio.

I completed 10 sessions with intervals of a few days and soon felt a significant improvement in my overall well-being and balance.

This therapy elicits strictly individual emotions and sensations in each woman, providing a release from daily stress and a conscious connection with her feminine nature. It is a wonderful feeling and an excellent way to maintain health and balance.

I am immensely grateful to have regular and painless monthly periods ever since I started these sessions.

Desilava Ivanova


Painful menstruation relieved

I am writing with great enthusiasm to recommend the Sahasi Breast Massage!

It is an exceptional experience with an indisputable effect on a woman’s body.

I have had problems with my painful and irregular menstruation for years, but 3 months ago, everything changed when I decided to try this therapy before resorting to conventional medicines.

A few days after the first massage, I had my menstruation without any pain or discomfort.

Since then, I have it on a regular basis, and the therapy has become a part of my own program for relaxation and prevention of gynecological problems.

I do it once a month and strongly recommend it to all women regardless of their age.

Donka Boyadzhieva