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    Sahasi Breast Care

    Dr. Sanjivani Taruna

    +91 9890 5851 47‬

    Located at ‘The Sangham’
    about 65 km north of Nagpur,
    Maharashtra, India

    Situated amidst the pristine Satpuda Mountain range, this institute harnesses the pure and healing energy of nature.

    The tranquil environment serves as a natural therapeutic force, complemented by a variety of holistic approaches provided by acclaimed therapists from around the globe, thus expediting the healing process.

    How to get to ‘Sangham’ – Sahasi Breast Care Institute

    From Nagpur
    to Parshivni
    to Village Dhawalapur

    Once you arrive in Nagpur, use the following maps as a guideline to reach our location

    You may hail a cab or travel by local buses

    Better yet, call us for guidance and assistance!

    From Nagpur to Parseoni

    » see on Google maps

    From Parshivni to Sangham

    » see on Google maps

    Please remember

    • We’re an eco-friendly community, which means NO PLASTIC
    • We’ve availability of safe drinking water and vegetarian food
    • Accommodation will be shared among 4-5 participants, you can also book a single room
    • Although we’ve availability of basic health care, if you’re on special medication, ensure you pack enough of it
    • Good to bring: hat and sunscreen, loose cotton clothes, pullover for the evening
    • Alcohol or drugs abuse is strictly prohibited
    • We provide bedding, towels, sheets and organic toiletries
    • If you like to bring your own toiletries please ensure it’s organic/herbal

    Visit the Sangham –
    get healed and healthy