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Breast health
is every woman’s birthright

Sahasi offers breast care programs, courses, retreats and trainings – online and in person – to care for your breast tissue, find harmony in your hormonal and reproductive systems, and nurture your mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Is Breast Care something for me?
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Sahasi Breast Care –
A combination of ancient and modern techniques for healthy and beautiful breasts

Breast Care is a nurturing gift and deep responsibility each woman can offer herself. 

Knowing your breast tissue millimeter by millimeter will give you deep awareness and confidence about your breast health.

With self awareness and self love, you will nurture health, beauty and vitality in your breasts, heart and body. 

Why Breast Care?

For cancer prevention and rehabilitation

Solving menstrual and menopausal issues

Overcoming physical, mental and emotional abuses

Enjoying pregnancy and easy breastfeeding

Reconnecting with your femininity and nurturing it

Accepting and loving your breasts and yourself as you are

Breast Care
will change the woman’s world

Dr. Sanjivani Taruna, Founder of Sahasi
Breast massage is a question of love.’

Dr. Sanjivani Taruna, MBBS. MS (ENT), BA is an accomplished medical professional with a holistic approach towards her work.

With a remarkable career spanning 25 years, I have honed expertise in the realms of medicine and surgery, contributing to fields ranging from otorhinolaryngology, general surgery to ophthalmology and psychiatry.

Based on my 25 years of experience in the medical field and intricate understanding of Ayurvedic Yoga massage, under the guidance of respected Master Kusum Modak, I developed the Sahasi Breast Care Program for all women, and most notably those with health, emotional and mental issues.

Read Taruna’s vision for women

What is Sahasi Breast Care Program (SBC)?

The program is designed for females aged 13 years and above until the last stage of life.

▸ Women experiencing breast-related issues, such as pain, tenderness, hyperplasia, or benign tumors

▸ Women aspiring to learn and master the art of the unique 60-minute Sahasi Breast Care Massage Therapy technique created by Dr. Sanjivani Taruna, with the aim of becoming professional therapists

▸ Women living with the fear of developing breast cancer

▸ Women dealing with emotional challenges tied to their breasts, such as past breast abuse or complex feelings about their breast’s size, shape, or firmness

▸ Women who may be experiencing mild depression, anxiety, fear, or burnout, and are seeking to boost their self-confidence

▸ Women in the pre-natal phase or those who want to prepare themselves beautifully for having a child

▸ Women in the post-natal or breast-feeding phase

▸ Women aspiring to soften scar tissues from implants, minimize the visibility of stretch marks, or enhance the overall shape and tone of their breasts

▸ Women facing hormonal, infertility, or reproductive system issues

▸ Women with menstrual issues, dysmenorrhea, premenstrual or premenopausal symptoms

▸ Women seeking to reconnect with their feminine nature

▸ Women looking to reignite their creativity, joy, self-love, and self-respect

▸ Women in the process of post-treatment rehabilitation for breast cancer

▸ Those interested in maintaining the health of their breasts and learning life-long best practices

▸ Women on a journey to nurture themselves to a higher level of consciousness

▸ Women who wish to improve and have a healthy relationship with their family, partner, or friends

This program is not needed for those woman friends who have

▸ never worried or thought of the health of their breasts
▸ never compared their breast, shape, size, perkiness with other women
▸ never looked for artificial beautification of breasts
▸ never worried about having breast cancer or any other breast diseases
▸ never had any hormonal or reproductive system issues
▸ never had any kind of physical, mental or emotional abuse
▸ never had any issue with their femininity
▸ who had never thought of deep relaxation, being motherly or compassionate
▸ never cared for the tears of other women suffering with breast cancer or any other issues and
▸ never thought of supporting other women to live a healthy life

Breasts are the most sensitive parts of a woman, the whole creativity of the feminine body is centered around these. Concentrating near the breasts and working on them makes one feel very happy, blissful, self confident, sensing sweetness all over the body and  being.

SBC (Sahasi Breast Care) supports the breasts on a physical level (breast cancer prevention), as well as a mental level (breasts are much more than a sexual attraction), on emotional level (heart issues) and on the level of the soul or being (no-mind, Zero-stress state).

We use different techniques, such as yogasanas, breast massage, meditations and meditative therapies to heal on physical, mental and emotional level. Reaching and connecting to our being, the nature of which is peace, silence and bliss.

You will …

▸ gain a comprehensive understanding of the upper body and breast anatomy

▸ gain the ability to practice one hour of essential yoga exercises tailored for women’s chest, breasts, and hormonal system

▸ attain self-sufficiency in taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally

▸ acquire the knowledge on vital energy points and their stimulation

▸ acquire the skills to perform a short variation (10 mins) and a relaxed variation (45 mins) of self-breast care massage

▸ acquire the skill to offer a 60 minute of therapeutic Sahasi Breast Care Massage Session

▸ learn meditation techniques, specially created for women and drawn from ancient Indian wisdom

▸ receive valuable information on various topics related to breast and chest care

▸ receive an important booklet explaining all the steps of the course

▸ connect with a community of wonderful women from around the world, who are on this transformative path and engage in meaningful sharing with them

Ayurvedic massage techniques, are one of the oldest massage techniques available in the world. They are time tested, simple and effective.

Sahasi Breast Care massage therapy relies on a combination of modalities; the use of specific herbal oil, stimulation of vital energy points, and scientific and unique breast strokes along with specific yoga based stretches , so that the toxins stored in the surround structure and deeper parts can be released.

No other breast massage technique available in the world, uses this particular vital energy points, specific breast strokes and yoga based stretches and meditation technique while giving the massage itself.

The beauty of this massage is that the giver is equally benefited while giving the massage.

Working on the breasts will change your life in a beautiful way!

» By joining a 2 day Sahasi Self Breast Care Course online or in person

» By participating in a 7 day Sahasi Self Breast Care Retreat

» By participating in 7, 10 or 21 days Sahasi Breast Care Program held all over the world

You can also have one to one individual session by different therapist available all over the world.

Taruna is also offering individual session online.

All courses you can join

All the courses and programs available are under Courses and Programs, here, on Sahasi Breast Care website. There you can find a suitable location for you.

7 day self care program is held at Melide Switzerland in the month of August.

A 10 day Sahasi Breast Care Program is held at Osho Afroz in Greece in the month of June every year. Please visit for further information.

21 day Sahasi Breast Care Program at present is only available in The Sangham, India in the month of November and January

Discover Sahasi Breast Care
The breasts of a woman contain her well-being and creativity as well as confidence and overall health

Benefits of Breast Care

Confidence about the health of the breast tissue

Prevention & early breast disease detection

Breast cancer rehabilitation

Softening of scar tissue, reduction of stretch marks

Hormonal balancing and boosting reproductive system

Improved blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, Improvement in tone

Support women with breast cancer

Become a patron

Letting go of past traumas and abuses

Self-care to achieve zero-stress-level

Reconnecting with your femininity and feeling deeply nurtured


What participants say
about Breast Care

A thorough learning

I highly invite women to take time to participate to such a learning, to discover that through our beautiful breasts we can connect to the source of love, joy and peace.

Zina Daniele

Yoga & Massage Therapist

Most meaningful

I hope every woman has the opportunity to participate in this program, whether she’s dealing with illness or not, because it’s the most meaningful and wonderful way to reconnect with her femininity

Ekaterina Minkova

Ayurveda & Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist

Breasts became important

My whole system changed and my breasts become an important and flowing part of my being.

Salima Christina Nymbach

Sahasi Breast Care Massage Therapist

3 ways to experience Sahasi Breast Care

Learn Sahasi Breast Care

2 days, 7 days, 10 days or 21 days in person
Get to know techniques that will deeply satisfy

Love your breasts – online course

A 2-day Breast Care course and 21 days 1 hour daily via ZOOM
Learn Self Breast Care comfortably at home

Take a Breast Care Therapy session

Get support online and in person by Dr. Sanjivani Taruna
Self Breast Care session or consulting

Next courses to join

Do you know?

There is no breast care education available in any home, school and university of the world.

Breast taboo is one of the biggest taboos, especially in the developing countries.

Obesity, lack of exercises, alcohol, smoking, modern lifestyle are some of the common causes of breast tumor and hormonal imbalance.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide.

Spotting breast cancer at an early stage saves lives.

A healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and balanced nutrition can reduce the risk of breast diseases.

75% of patients first indentified their tumors by self-examination. Self-detection remains a key method of breast cancer detection.

A supportive community and psychological support are crucial for patients with breast cancer to cope with the disease.

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Frequently asked questions – FAQ

Breast care is not only for the physical health of the woman, it is also for her mental and emotional well-being. Once the breasts are healthy on a physical level, breast care will help to go into more deeper aspects of the breast, which is creativity, relaxation and compassion.

Even if the breasts are healthy right now, it is good to learn breast care, so that the breasts will remain healthy throughout.

Yes. For pregnant and breastfeeding women this program is a gift they can give to themselves and their babies. This will nurture the mothers and will relax the babies.

Breast care is a must for pregnant women as it will prepare them to go through the pregnancy and the childbirth in an easy and relaxed way.

It can help you.

The breast care program balances the hormonal system and makes your reproductive system healthy. It also relaxes your whole system – physical, mental and emotional – bringing you to a zero stress level, which is an important factor for conceiving. Thus the possibility to become pregnant is increased.

Yes, it will be definitely helpful for you. With regular breast care work the tumor may even disappear.

Yes you can, but an interview is required.

Yes, it is highly recommended. It is one of the best rehabilitation after breast cancer treatment. Especially after mastectomy, even if the breast is not physically present, you will feel as if your breast is back.

Yes, since the breast care program is balancing the hormonal system and improving the health of the reproductive system, it can lower or even heal your menopausal symptoms.

By participating in the breast care you will learn how important it is for a woman to massage her breasts on a regular basis.

Understanding that breasts are the most essential organs in a woman’s body and need utmost care than any other organ in the body, the hesitancy to touch the breasts will be gone.

Doing it with other women will also take out the shyness.

The answer is very difficult.

Yes, we have various techniques in breast care to work with the abused.

Especially the breast care massage works on the stored memory in our cells. The memory of abuse is released in a very soft and respectful way. Whatever is stored on the unconscious level is freed.

Hence, the healing which is happening is permanent. For this 21 days program participation is needed.

One of the main purpose of the program is to regain our femininity back. Breasts are our feminine part and by working on them using ancient techniques like yoga, ayurveda and gentle meditation we reconnect with our motherliness.

No, there are no restrictions. But if you have any health issue a prior interview is needed.

Yes, the program is open to participants from 13 to 18 years, accompanied by their mothers, and from 18 years to the age of 101.

Be part of a growing community of women from all around the world

Any more questions?

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