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Sahasi Breast Care Massage Therapy with Valeria in Montegiorgio

Sahasi Breast Care Massage Therapy is a unique and holistic therapy that not only enhances physical well-being but also fosters a profound connection with one’s breasts, bringing joy and awareness naturally.

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Why Breast Care?

Breast Care is a nurturing gift
and deep responsibility
each woman can offer herself. 

Knowing your breast tissue millimeter by millimeter will give you deep awareness and confidence about your breast health.

With self awareness and self love, you will nurture health, beauty and vitality in your breasts, heart and body. 

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For cancer prevention and rehabilitation

Solving menstrual and menopausal issues

Accepting and loving your breasts and yourself as you are

Enjoying pregnancy and easy breastfeeding

Reconnecting with your femininity and nurturing it

Overcoming physical, mental and emotional abuses

What makes a Sahasi Breast Care Session Unique?

The combination of modalities sets Sahasi Breast Care Massage apart from any other breast massage technique globally.

» Special herbal oil
» Stimulation of specific vital energy points
» Scientific breast strokes
» Working on supporting tissues of the breast
» Applied yoga-based stretches
» A meticulously prepared, meditative session giver

Valeria is Sahasi Breast Care Massage Therapist in Italy / Montegiorgio

Hello, I am Your Breast Care Massage Therapist in Your Town, Your Country

My name is Valeria and since 10 years I am a Sahasi Breast Care practitioner.

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Duration of a
Breast Care Massage Therapy:
60 minutes

How I am working with you

I’m here to support you and your well-being. The session is given in a safe and secure place, specially created for giving Sahasi Breast Care massage.

We start with the explanation of the session in detail, learn about your health issue – if any – and accordingly give the session.

Every session is unique – just as every single moment is.

The session is soft and gentle. Only sometimes we go deeper, with your permission, to drain the deepest lymphatics.

We mainly work on the front side upper part of the body, arms and belly is included in the massage. The main focus is to work on the breast tissue and the lymphatics.

The session is given with full respect, awareness and gentleness.

The massage sessions take place in silence as a specific meditation technique is done and transferred to you while you are receiving the session.

You will have to write your own conditions, e.g.: A massage session can be cancelled up to 12 hours in advance, after which it will incur a charge.

60 minutes: €90

where and how to pay

Please come freshly showered and with an empty belly.

Your mobile should be switched off during the entire session.

You should keep minimum 15 minutes for yourself after the session.

Towels, bed sheets, pillows and the herbal oil will be provided by me.

Benefits of Breast Care Massage Therapy

Confidence about the health of the breast tissue

Prevention & early breast disease detection

Breast cancer rehabilitation

Softening of scar tissue, reduction of stretch marks

Improved blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, Improvement in tone

Hormonal balancing and boosting reproductive system

Letting go of past traumas and abuses

Self-care to achieve zero-stress-level

Reconnecting with your femininity and feeling deeply nurtured

Easy pregnancy and breast feeding

Relief from discomfort, pain and tenderness in the breasts

Relief from painful menstruation

You will reconnect with your femininity

What Women Say about Breast Care

You will have to find your own testimonials, these are just samples

A great gift

I could dive deeply into my being with daily OSHO meditation, yoga exercises, breast selfcare and as a bonus I learned how to share this fantastic work with other women.


Meditation facilitator
Czech Republic

Just right

I highly invite women to take time to participate to such a learning, to discover that through our beautiful breasts we can connect to the source of love, joy and peace.

Zina Daniele

Yoga & Massage Therapist

Most meaningful

I hope every woman has the opportunity to participate in this program, whether she’s dealing with illness or not.

Ekaterina Minkova

Ayurveda & Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Breast Care is not only for the physical health of the woman, it is also for her mental and emotional well-being. Once the breasts are healthy on a physical level, Breast Care will help to go into more deeper aspects of the breast, which is creativity, relaxation and compassion.

Even if the breasts are healthy right now, it is good to do Breast Care, so that the breasts will remain healthy throughout.

Yes. For pregnant and breastfeeding women this massage is a gift, they can give to themselves. This will nurture and relax you deeply.

Breast Care Massage is a must for pregnant women as it will prepare them to go through the pregnancy and the childbirth in an easy and relaxed way. It will prevent stretch marks of pregnancy and makes breast feeding easy.

It can help you.

The Breast Care Massage balances the hormonal system and makes your reproductive system healthy. It also relaxes your whole system – physical, mental and emotional – bringing you to a zero stress level, which is an important factor for conceiving. Thus the possibility to become pregnant is increased.

Yes, it will be definitely helpful for you. With regular Breast Care sessions, the tumor may even disappear.

If you have active breast cancer, Breast Care Massage is not advisable.

Yes, it is highly recommended. It is one of the best rehabilitation after breast cancer treatment. Especially after mastectomy, even if the breast is not physically present, you will feel as if your breast is back.

There should be minimum 6 months gap after the last treatment for breast cancer. Please bring your latest blood reports with you. Seeing you in person and depending upon your reports, I will decide whether the session is advisable or not.

Yes, since the Breast Care Massage is balancing the hormonal system and improving the health of the reproductive system, it can lower or even heal your symptoms.

It is very important for a woman, for the health of her breasts to get a therapeutic massage for her breasts on a regular basis.

Understanding that breasts are the most essential organs in a woman’s body and need utmost care than any other organ in the body, the hesitancy to be touched on the breasts will be gone.

I have been meticulously prepared by Sahasi Breast Care Program for giving sessions in a meditative as well as therapeutic way.

The Breast Care Massage works on the stored memory in our cells. The memory of abuse is released in a very soft and respectful way. Whatever is stored on the unconscious level is freed up.

Hence, the healing which is happening is permanent. For this regular sessions are needed.

Also participation in the 21 day Sahasi Breast Care Program is highly advisable.

Breasts are our feminine part and by working on them using ancient technique like Breast Care Massage can reconnect us with our femininity.

Below age of 18, Breast Care Massage is not given.

If you have any health issue a prior interview is needed.

The Breast Care Massage is only for the age of 18 and above.

Breast Care Will Change a Woman’s World

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