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Sahasi Self Breast Care


Beloved beautiful women,
Many thanks for your responses to my new venture - "Sahasi Self Breast Care Online Courses"

How it started for me!
I am happy to see that many women are getting benefited by it.
That my dream very slowly coming true, the dream to make the work available to many many women, so they become self sufficient to take care of themselves.

The tools are very simple, easy and practical. AND VERY SCIENTIFIC… I am a surgeon myself and scientific base is very important for me. This can be seen and proved. Other things are most essential but can only be experienced by experimenting…

For the Online Courses, initially I was quite hesitant but it all went away when I was having dinner with Rajanya, who is a whole encyclopedia of computers. He was from the beginning with internet and for first time in so many years he was just sharing the importance of internet and how one can connect with a person far away energetically… The way he explained was beyond, mind blowing and I immediately worked on going online and started the Online Courses!

All the students from my first online course have been amazing and shared how they are benefited and thus, I decided to go for Online Courses more frequently and mainstream.

I don't have much social networking , hence I request all of you who are benefited by this work, to spread this work like a wild fire. This is what he said‚ ‘‘Internet is like a discovery of Fire...if used in a right way it can do a wrong way it can destroy…‘‘
I decided to use it in the Right way….

Thanks again for your support...I hope to see it continued.
In gratitude
Dr. Sanjivani / Taruna

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    Thanks for sharing your work. I can feel so much energie flowing after the massage. It is a so important work. I'm really happy to be in this group. 🙏💕
    Ute from Germany
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    Thank you so much Taruna, I'm so happy you created this group and to learn more. I feel it is important to connect and have a reference guide to keep going on the practise, especially at the beginning like I'm. I keep on practising and I see the changes in my body, mood and also feel determination is growing stronger. I believe you are a gift for we women, in particular mothers that nowadays forget about themselves to look after children, family and work. This is my experience and of many friends as well. Thank you also to all of you in this group. Sending love and light to everyone.❤🙏🏽🌞
    Sonya from Italy
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    I have been practicing everyday the meditation , points and strokes in the morning. It’s been so wonderful. I can feel a change in my breasts and even in my urine ( smells like toxins are coming out). I’ve also noticed my emotions have been more stable 😊
    Rani from Australia
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    Thanks a lot for creating this group Taruna 🧡 I've also been practicing nearly every morning the yoga and breast care and I feel more balanced and energised. The yoga is also amazing, it feels like self massage! A few day ago, I practiced the breast care together with my friend Vivek, who invited me to the online workshop. It felt really nice to share this moment with another sister 🌸 Thanks for sharing this amazing gift to women
    Melanie from Switzerland
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    Good morning Taruna! Thank you for creating this group. It is funny because some days now I started doing breast care meditation every night and the quality of my sleep changed and waking in the morning, I am a new me!! And today I receive your messages. ♥️ Yes, keep sharing with us your amazing work! Sending to everybody in this group lots of love ❤️💕🤗
    Gulistan from Greece
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    Beloved Taruna, I am very grateful that I could participate in your on-line course. It was amazing remainder of the practice, as well as you shared also some new information. It is as you said- learning through repetition and it's not only by my own practice, because with it I found out it creates pattern wich I go with. It is very important to repeat also with the teacher, because there is always fresh view afterwards. I enjoyed also very much being in a circle of my friends, sharing the offline space together. I feel again more open and grounded. Have a wonderful week 💖💖💖 Thank you once again 😘
    Atimaya from Poland
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    Dear Taruna,
    I'm writing to express my gratitude towards you and all those who assisted you in making this body of work that you are teaching available online. Many thanks 🙏🏼
    This weekend has been a highly positive one for me and I feel motivated to continue with the practice. I liked the way you delivered the class, I felt it well structured and although a lot of info I feel like I have already assimilated most of it. I liked the fact that you made us practice a lot and also that you didn't hurry, I enjoyed this unhurried rhythm.
    As I was saying I feel motivated to keep the practice as I feel how relaxing it is (I felt existentially relaxed after this weekend - felt a deep love for myself and everything as it is now) and I can still hear your soft voice in my mind saying 'slowly-slowly'.. =)
    I can feel it helping me with my skin condition also, as I can get really itchy skin sometimes, this kind of deep relaxation really helps.
    Andreea from Bucharest

It is based on the principle:

Prevention is always better than cure!
Prevention is very easy, simple, relaxing and offers lots of benefits at the Physical, Mental and Emotional level.

On the contrary, Cure is usually difficult and does not always give any benefits without side effects.

The breast diseases are alarmingly increasing.
Many women, even at a very young age are suffering from different breast issues, from pain, tenderness, hyper-plasia, benign and malignant tumors.
Many women are suffering from various issues related to the reproductive organs/system and hormonal balance/system.

It is time for every women to understand the graveness of the situation and immediately start working on herself.

Thousands of years ago, Ayurveda had understood the essence of working on the breasts and developed techniques. Coupling it with her medical background, Dr. Sanjivani / Taruna developed a special Breast care Program for women, named SAHASI which means "Courageous one".

Only courageous women can acknowledge, appreciate and hence work on the breast tissue, which is a very important and an essential organ.

Breasts are the source of our positivity, joy, deep relaxation and creativity.
Breasts are not only the organs of milk secretion, sexuality or sensuality but they are the basic organ through which we can attain positivity, joy, creativity and reach to the state of No Mind.

The primary goal of these Online Courses is to bring awareness in women - the importance of healthy breast tissue and how to make our breasts healthy and life joyful. We learn to accept our breasts as they are by understanding deeply our nourishing organ.

In a scientific, meditative and easy way Dr. Sanjivani / Taruna will facilitate these Online Courses.

Who is it for?

  • All Women above 18 years of age
  • Any woman who wishes to have healthy breasts or maintain the health of the breast tissue
  • Women who want one of the best rehabilitation post breast cancer treatment
  • Women with issues related to the breasts, the hormonal or reproductive system
  • Women with menstrual issues, dysmenorrhea, premenstrual symptoms, (pre)menopausal symptoms
  • Women whose relatives or friends have history of cancer, especially breast cancer
  • Women who suffer from fear of getting breast diseases , especially the breast cancer
  • Women with femininity issues, sexual abuse, breast abuse, anxiety, depression, stress
  • Women wanting to nourish and nurture herself on physical, mental and emotional level
  • Women wishing to reconnect with her feminine qualities and to live positively, confidently and joyfully
  • Women who understand that prevention is very important and better than Cure

At the end of the Online Course:

  • You will be able to do one hour yoga exercises essential for women‘s chest, breast and hormonal system
  • You will be made absolutely self sufficient to take care of your own self on Physical, mental and Emotional level
  • You will be able to do short variation (10 minutes) of self breast care massage and relaxed variation (45 minutes) of self breast care massage
  • You will learn meditation techniques, specially designed for women, taken from ancient Indian wisdom
  • And you will get information on various topics related to breast and chest care
  • A booklet explaining all the steps of the course
  • You will get connected with many beautiful women who are travelling on this path and have a wonderful sharing with women all around the world

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What's the Course Delivery Structure?
1. The Course is delivered via ZOOM Meetings and meeting ID or invitation link will be shared on the same day of Course

2. We shall practice the breast massage with clothes on, especially when video feeds are online

3. Any type of recording of the Online Course is strictly prohibited for ANYONE(including but not limited to the ZOOM Meeting Hosts/Co-Hosts/Participants or anyone else who's able to view/listen to the Ongoing Session)

4. You will be required/requested intermittently and without any prior notice to show real-time video feed of your room/place to ensure that no un-intended viewers/listeners are around

5. Violation of any of the above at the participants end will result in booking cancellation without any refund and future seat booking will be restricted
2What's the Course Duration?
It's a 2-day 7 hrs/day Course including short breaks
3What information (including Downloadable Forms) do I need to provide to participate?
A day before the Course begins, You're required to download and fill/print the following 2 Forms.

After duly filling them with all the information, please take a print out, sign it and share with us the scanned copy or a snapshot of such signed forms.
1. Participants General Information Form(PDF, 1 Page, 738KB)
2. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Form(PDF, 1 Page, 154KB)
Click here to download these forms

Please note:
1. Your virtual seat will not be booked unless Booking Fees/Payment is realized
2. ZOOM Meeting ID or link will not be shared unless the above mandatory forms are duly filled, counter-signed and shared with us
4What are the available modes of Payments?
Currently, we accept only Fund Transfer to our German Bank Account. Indian Nationals might have additional modes of payment within India.

Please, mention the Fund Transfer Remarks as "For Sahasi Breast Care"

Bank Information will be provided upon a short/informal interview via WhatsApp

Participants with Financial Crisis including those impacted due to COVID-19, please contact Dr. Sanjivani / Taruna via WhatsApp, for a potential solution

Prepare for the Online Course

  • Warm Room for yourself with computer/tablet. No one should disturb you at all during these hours. It's very important
  • Yoga mat
  • Comfortable chair,  sofa to seat. Also a comfortable place to lie down
  • A small bowl on a tray
  • Organic cold pressed sesame oil
  • Old towels, bed sheet, blanket and 2-3 pillows. Might get little oily hence old towels
  • Cotton T-shirt, leggings for yoga
  • If you can manage to get fenugreek  powder,  honey  and rose water will be good
  • Your finger nails cut and filed
  • Something to tie your hair
  • Water bottle, herbal tea whichever you like.
  • Notebook and pen, colored pencils
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