My breasts need my loving care

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Working on the breast matters

The first and foremost organ in a woman’s body which needs her attention and care are the breasts! Down the ages breasts have suffered a lot, it is time Now that we woman consciously start taking care of our breasts.

Breast care is one of the most essentials in a woman’s body. Being a woman, we are blessed. Breasts are beautiful and if we are conscious and take good care of them not only we will have physically healthy breasts, we will balance our whole hormonal and reproductive system as well as we can go into deeper aspects in our being. 

Maybe in the state of NO-MIND. I am grateful to the breasts for giving me this possibility!

Do you know being a woman it is essential to give quality time to your breasts more than any other organ in your body?

Clinical breast examination screening programmes exist in India, but participation rates are “extremely inadequate”, according to a recent National Family Health Survey, which provides national data on population dynamics and health indicators. Overall, less than 1% of women had undergone breast cancer screening between 2019 and 2021 across India. 

One study reported the five-year overall survival rate in Indian women to be 95% for stage I patients, 92% for stage II, 70% for stage III and only 21% for stage IV patients.

And you know what, most of the women realize only in stage 4 or sometimes stage 3.

The above facts clearly shows that working on the breast really matters. If each and every women spends some quality time with her breasts, taught proper techniques, she will not end up in stage 4 with mortality rate of 21 percent!

I want to reach to every woman and tell them working on breast really matters! According to the latest data available, most of the issues of women are related to women’s breast.

According to Ayurveda, women can achieve excellent health by working on her breasts. And how in a very easy way they can do it for themselves!

Women’s healing happens through the breasts

If breasts are unhealthy, they are indicating imbalance in our whole system. Health of the breasts depends upon the fatty tissue and the ease with which a lymph can flow and clean the tissue. And this can be achieved easily.

Breast tumors result from unhealthy life style, anxiety, emotional stress , depression, overthinking. Consumption of hard food, red meat, sugar, GMO food , smoking and alcohol and no exercise.

Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them.

Albert Einstein

If a young girl starts taking care of herself from the age of 13, then she has fewer chances of developing breast diseases as well as reproductive system diseases. She will also have fewer chances of hormonal imbalance. She will be mentally and emotionally healthy.

Women are very connected to their breast, but they don’t know why it is so

They think all around their breast… perhaps about beautiful bras or they push silicon in their breasts or something else. We think because it’s the place where you can attract people, or one feels more confident if the breasts are so called  beautiful… but no, feeling connected to your breast is an intrinsic feeling of every woman.

If you really work on the breasts, you will come to understand that breasts are just beautiful. Beauty really does not depend on the physical form.

Breasts are our creativity center, our positive energy poles. Hence, no matter what size or shape or disease or  removed surgically, they are still beautiful because the positive energy of the breasts always remains there. It does not depend on the physical form of the breasts. So let it sink deep in your heart that your breasts are beautiful, as they are…

Once we connect with this source of our energy, then a great joy starts coming up. Acceptance starts growing. And when we go slowly deeper and deeper  with consciousness, in our breasts, we can go into nirvana, a state of no-mind. Such is the great significance of our breasts…

The breast is also a place for deep relaxation

We see that with the kids: the first thing mother do, if they are hurt, is to take them to their breast, or they just come to the breasts. They bring the head to the breast and deep relaxation comes.

We do know this, but we don’t know how to relax into our own breast. Mostly we look outside for relaxation.

The ultimate beauty of working on our breasts is, we understand the basic quality of our breasts. Then acceptance happens on its own.

All we need to do is truly and sincerely work on our breasts

We all are now aware of the importance of taking care of our breasts as we all see every single day how many women, even very young women, are diagnosed with breast cancer or one or other form of breast diseases.

We look for whatever help we can get from internet, doctors, alternative  modalities, and we do find some information, but never complete.

Most of regular breast care means early diagnosis, by doing self-examination, mammogram, thermograph, sonography, regular check-ups etc. And that too focused on detecting breast cancer.

Care of the breasts is much more than the breast cancer diagnosis or care while breastfeeding

Health of the women, on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level is deeply connected with their breasts. Breasts are  most essential part of a female body, our secret most treasure. if we open this secret  treasure , we will be so enriched and live this life like a queen.

But most of us even don’t know about this, so how can we give special time to take care of our breasts.       

Knowing this now, we understand that working on the breasts really matters.

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