Kusum Modak's

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Diploma School

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Dr. Sanjivani / Taruna has vast experience of working on different body-mind structure, practiced and taught since many years in Osho Meditation Resort, Pune and in different parts of the world.

She has minutely studied, the effects of climate, conditionings, eating habits, profession, accidents, sports, major surgeries, etc. on body – mind system and how Ayurvedic Yoga Massage in combination with meditation can relieve, rejuvenate, prevent as well as treat this.

It is also found that Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, if given to sports kid can prevent/reverse many harmful body changes pertaining to that particular sport.

Our Aims


the work of Master Kusum in its purest form


recognized diploma for Ayurvedic Yoga Massage


on the sports kids to prevent/reverse the ill effects of particular sport


on the sports person


on the physically handicapped persons


the patients after major orthopedic surgery


the good health, to bring back the vitality

Prevent and Treat

various ailments in the body. For example - Back pain, Neck pain etc.


the research work


meditation in daily life
OSHO meditative therapies will be the part of the training with basic OSHO meditations. The school is only for those who are really interested to learn in depth.

This is not a school for those who believe in ‘fast food’ but is for those who trust in purity of traditional Ayurvedic ways of healing and trust in meditation.

This institute is for those who love to learn slowly, precisely, without any hurry, with awareness and deeply understanding each action and its response.
To live naturally, a simple life, is a healing force itself. Living with nature, using organic products, meditating, sharing with friends can heal many dis-ease.

We offer ordinary retreat with OSHO meditations as a backbone of this retreat. Nothing special is needed to come back home. Just one has to live it…

Our Uniqueness

  • Participant (Therapist) who will undergo training will be part of the research work. They will be also trained how to do the research.
  • After being awarded the diploma, they can officially become part of the research team and continue doing research work in their practice. They can encourage the clients to follow up over the years by giving special discount.
  • Those who are interested in continuing the research work on long term basis, after getting the diploma, are entitled to come for revision trainings as assistants and could become official staff members or after revising the training minimum 2 times, will get the right to undertake trainings in their part of the world in the name of the institute.
  • This will encourage the buddha field to grow as there will be new participants and returning participants.
  • A strong focus on the research is on OSHO Meditations, OSHO Meditative therapies, with comparison groups which do not practice daily meditation and groups doing it daily while both receiving regular treatments.