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Kusum went through life with immense trust and acceptance. Now at the age of 76, she is whole and healthy…

Inner awareness for opening of the inner body is the most important factor in our work.

Master Kusum Modak

Who is Kusum?

K usum is a name of an ordinary woman and in her ordinariness she has become extra-ordinary. She is a simple woman, courageous, inter-dependent and wise.

A woman, who comes from the era when the social conditioning in India has been very strong.

Coming from an orthodox Hindu family, living only with a mother without the support of father, having a sick body and suffering in her body for long, almost until the age of 40 years.
A strong support from Aai ( Kusum’s mother) encouraged her to live life beautifully.

To cure herself, Kusum started practising yoga under the guidance of renowned master Iyengar. At the age of 40, Kusum started observing Shri Limay Guruji, who was working with patients having ailments like back pain, knee pain etc.

During this period with her existential gift she combined ayurvedic massage with yoga and brought this work to its highest potential.
W hen she is working with a person, seeing his body, feeling what is the issue in this body, she spontaneously develops a new stretch for that particular person and the person in few sessions is cured of his chronic ailments.

When one sees her working on someone’s body, one is really mesmerized by the way she is flowing with inner awarness and touching knowing exactly well what is happening inside this body and healing not only the outer body but the inner body as well.
Taruna is an ENT surgeon but now when she did my workshop somehow she was fascinated by the work and see the results without any medicine and since then she is very sincerely sharing this work with her students all over the world. I trust her and extremely happy how she is devoting her time and energy to spread this work. My blessings and best wishes are always with her.

Master Kusum Modak


  • Kusum Modak Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Diploma School

    It seems that you are working very hard to do and spread our work in many countries as possible. Well as you know, I trust you from the bottom of my heart and I am sure whatever you do will do with complete sincerity and honesty.

    I am sure your first workshop in your center will be very very successful and many more students are looking forward to learn from your deep knowledge.

  • What a mysterious and healing journey into my body, a deep exploration from inside. And most of all a sense and physical feeling of integration of the body, intense vibrations and emotions alive within in one part of the body while another is being worked on, a feeling of whole, of all connections refreshed and alive again. My body feels expanded, soft and full of fresh air. I feel blessed.

    Georgiana Nicodim
  • Olga_Oltean_Testimonial_Featured

    Taruna’s sessions are not sessions actually. They are real journeys... into relaxation, well-being and inner space. They always bring something new. A new thing to be healed, caressed and loved. My body feels like reborn at the end. My being in complete peace.  The way she touches feels almost like from other world. Her natural way has behind both a strong connection and a deep understanding of the human body and spirit.

    Olga Oltean
    CEO, Coaching School, Romania
  • Thank you for this life changing experience
    Every Ayurveda Yoga Massage session that Taruna gave me has been a journey into the wonder-world of my body. I almost got addicted to her way of touch and luckily received about 25 sessions. My body completely changed during this treatment, it became flexible, alive and joyful. Taruna’s touch is loving, yet firm and challenging - just a little, not too much - and the body follows her seduction to open up happily. Something deep inside started healing, relaxing and  trusting which carried on in daily life. And, Taruna’s strokes moved me in a meditative silence with my own body. Since then it is easier to hear and understand his language and follow its needs.
    Meditation Teacher, FindYourNose, Germany