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August 5, 2015
Sahasi Breast Care

Yes, Sahasi means the Courageous one!

Yes, Sahasi means the Courageous one!

Sahasi It does need lot of courage for a women to acknowledge the facts about their breasts and work on it…
They are the positive poles of women, not only a means of outer beauty but inner beauty as well, not means of attracting males but means of working on it by themselves to find their creativity and realize benefits such as:
  • On physical level, prevent the breast cancer, the second commonest cancer among women, which is a ‘gift ‘ of modern ways of living, to know and understand the causes of it and hence prevent it
  • Prevent depressions, heart breaks and anxieties on mental and emotional level
  • Bring positivity in life, loving relating and creativity
  • Be able to enjoy this life to the fullest
  • Support other woman friends for this
  • Rehabilitate women who have already undergone trauma of surgery or chemo radio therapy
We (Sahasi) envision to create a place where women would always look forward to come and work on themselves and help and support other women to work on themselves, a holistic approach, a meditative place, natural place where each woman can be just herself without wanting to prove herself as she does in the normal world…accepting herself as she is, as her breasts are, without wanting to stuff silicon in it! just being naturally beautiful…
This is an unique place and so far nothing like this exists where in a holistic way using osho meditative therapies and osho meditations and special yoga exercises women, special organic food, will be working on their breast to bring out the Best in them, without any comparison…


We visualize it as a paradise on earth for every woman.. and every woman looking forward to spend a loving- caring -respectful time in this place, drink as much as she can and then spread it in the outer world… whenever she feels she is thirsty and needs more juice to come back and refill herself…