7 Day Self Breast Care Retreat in Switzerland

August 15, 2024 - August 21, 2024

Dr. Sanjivani Taruna

Price: 1.800 CH

Melide (Lugano)
6815 Melide Ticino

A 7 day Self Breast Care retreat in person with Dr. Sanjivani Taruna

This Self Breast Care retreat is highly advisable for women who need quality rehabilitation specially after breast cancer treatment, but only 6 months after the treatment.

It will be a small an intimate group of 3 women. Book early, first comes first.

You will take with you forever…

  • healthy breasts in a healthy body
  • how to solve menstrual and menopausal issues
  • how to overcome physical, mental and emotional abuses
  • how to prepare for pregnancy, enjoyable pregnancy and easy breastfeeding
  • preventing breast cancer and rehabilitate
  • reconnecting with your femininity and nurturing it
  • accepting and loving your breasts and yourself as you are

What you will learn

  • 60 minutes of yogasanas for women
  • 60 minutes of Sahasi Self Care Breast Massage
  • Specific meditation techniques for women

Diet: A specific detox diet. Gluten- sugar- dairy-free, lot of detox tea

Please note that it is a structured program and you need to follow it sincerely.

See more info on the flyer


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7 Day SBC Retreat € 1.826,00



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€ 1.826,00
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