5 Days 90 min Online Course for Beginners

September 4, 2024 - September 8, 2024
5 days – 1,5 hours a day
6pm - 7:30pm German time

Dr. Sanjivani Taruna

Price: all 5 days 129,00 €
you can book also single days

Online Event via ZOOM

5 Easy Steps to Rejuvenate Your Breasts

Live via ZOOM with Dr. Sanjivani Taruna

Timings: 5 days – 90 min a day
6pm – 7:30pm German time

Day 1: Introduction to Breast Care & Anatomy

  • Why Breast Care is essential: the facts
  • Which techniques we use for breast care and why we use these particular techniques.
  • Importance of the sequence of the techniques used.
  • Importance of working on the breasts on physical level, mental level, emotional level and spiritual level
  • Knowing the anatomy of the breasts, so that we understand clearly the importance of working on the breasts and clear understanding of the breast strokes used in the massage.

Day 2: Humming Meditation

A powerful feminine meditative technique originating from Tibetan monasteries

Day 3: Yoga for Women

Selected yoga for strengthening the supporting tissue of the breast, opening the chest, improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage of the breasts and chest area. Taking out the stored toxins from the breast and chest area and supplying new nourishment. Emotional release from chest and breast area in a soft and gentle way.

Day 4: Sahasi Self Breast Care Massage

  • Step by step guided teaching of Sahasi Self Breast Care, 50-minute breast care massage technique.
  • Included are short (10 min) and relaxed version (50 min) to empower you to tailor the practice to your schedule and needs
  • you will get the dictation of the massage technique and you can make diagrams and notes for yourself

Day 5: Meditation on Breasts

An unique technique to bring self-confidence and deepest relaxation. A technique which will connect you to the energy form of the breast which is compassion and motherliness.

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5. Day: Meditation on Breasts € 29,00
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