The Devastating Taboo around Breasts

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The devastating taboo around breasts

I visualize every female, growing up without any breast taboo…

Breast Taboo is one of the worst thing happening to us women and because of it we are even dying at an early age!

Down the ages, no matter which era and time, even in this so called modern time, the breasts are considered as taboo…Some taboo’s are put by culture, some by society, some by men , some by women! and some by our own self !!!

Once from the very growing age of a female, her teenage, if she starts working on her  breast, I trust that she will be capable of throwing away all the taboos, put by society, culture, men, women…

It is time to change the Young females, which will be the pillar of the coming generations… Young females, be the creator of your own beauty and in turn creator  of the beautiful world.

And for this you need to learn right techniques and do something very simple, easy and effective for yourself.

Start taking care of your breasts, authentically and sincerely

To drop all the ideas about the breasts, put on you by the society, by men and women around you. And truly reconnect with your breasts.

The breasts are not only the organs to feed or sensual organs but truly spiritual organs, through which you can start understanding what self-love is and what motherliness and compassion is….

Then you neither need to hide them or show them or have ideas to do surgeries on them. You dont have to be ashamed of them. It does not matter what size and shape they are, they will always shower on you positivity, joy, confidence, love, creativity and compassion. All you need to do it to reconnect with them and promising that you will always take good care of them. 

it is now important for mothers and fathers of the teenagers to talk about the breast care in addition to menstruation and sex education, so young girl grows confident about her breasts without carrying any taboo and false conditionings of so called beautiful breasts and understands that it is important to take care of her breasts.

It is important to talk about the breasts, how you feel, what is happening to its health, with your friends and family members, your teachers or any woman you trust. Not to hide and suppress. This suppression is very dangerous for breast health.

The new generation must understand that breasts are most essential organ, sensitive and uniquely individual and nothing is there to be ashamed of. On the contrary we should feel blessed that we have breasts, working on which we can very easily gain good physical, mental and emotional health and a deep relaxation, calmness of mind.

Breast nurturing is tremendously important

By hiding its emotions and suppressing it, is no wonder women at very young age are ending up with many breast issues, even breast cancer.

Breast care  will prevent many diseases happening in the breast but even if they get diseased and need various treatments, you will provide it. As you truly care and know the deeper importance of breasts.

Wake up girls, acknowledge your breast, give them full nurturing, time and care they deserve and in return you will be living healthy and happy life….

Drop all the taboos around the breasts…We do not need it anymore!!!

The conditioning about beautiful breasts

While marketing, many adevertisements use women showing their breasts. Magazines, movies, TV shows are full of showing breasts , even when it is not needed. Breasts which are mostly not natural.

And put this conditioning into a young girls mind that breasts should be like this. 

If you would be the only woman left on the earth, no one to compare with, no one to tell you, how your breast should be, would you ever think that your breast is not beautiful because it is not full, round, big and tight? 

Has female monkey or gorilla ever thinks their breasts are not beautiful and needs push up bra or silicone or any other ways to change it?

Men down the ages has certain ideas about the breasts and conditioned women deeply. A rounded, fuller breast which is perky(?) is considered as a beautiful breast, without any base. 

It is absolutely ridiculous that man kind decided how our breasts should be and then put this conditioning down the ages. And now woman carry it so deep , forgetting that it is not in the first place her idea. It is simply pushed into her mind.

Why we women always think that something is not right with our breasts?

Because we are deeply conditioned and we keep carrying this conditioning. Instead of refusing it, we accepted it and started doing hundred and one things to fulfill it. We never used our own understanding and the fact that no one is similar looking. Eyes are different, nose and each body part is different but why the breasts must look rounder, fuller, perky etc. of each and every woman?

Rather than understanding, that there is a deep desire to connect and work with our breasts. Not for the outer beauty but for the inner beauty. Because intrisically we all know that breasts are our centre of creation, of our positivity, of love, of motherliness, of confidence, of joy, of bliss, of deep relaxation, of compassion and finally a possibility to attain a state of nirvana.

Instead of paying more attention to bring this beauty out , we tried  to beautify it, by wearing tight bras, push up bras, oils, medicines, all kind of things… Later many cosmetic surgeries came in, which is more unfortunate. 

It is time that from the very beginning when the breasts are growing we understand the beauty of it from inside and drop all the outer conditionings about the breasts.

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