Breast Care Program

Women specially need to work on breasts because their positive energy is in the breasts

W omen will receive education on preventing breast tumors and undergoing rehabilitation following breast cancer treatment. Extensive research will be conducted to assess the impact of techniques such as Breast Massage, Osho meditations, and Osho meditative therapies in preventing and rehabilitating this prevalent and life-threatening disease among women.

Situated amidst the pristine Satpuda Mountain range, this institute harnesses the pure and healing energy of nature. The tranquil environment serves as a natural therapeutic force, complemented by a variety of holistic approaches provided by acclaimed therapists from around the globe, thus expediting the healing process.

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  • Kusum Modak Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Diploma School
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  • Kusum Modak Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapy
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  • anti-stress-management-program
P articipate in breast care program with packages starting from 3 weeks at an international eco-friendly place with utmost respect for nature.

The Institute is embedded in a meditation community in which woman can participate in various programs according to their personal interest.

Key Features

  • Pranayama and Yoga

  • Ancient meditations for women

  • Anti-stress therapies

  • Varieties of healing sessions

  • Breast Massage with breast packs

  • Bonding through shared accomodation

  • Special organic food and herbs for women

  • Participation in research work to help others

Breast Care Program

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