For Healthy and Beautiful Breasts

inside and out

B reasts are the most sensitive parts of a woman, the whole creativity of the feminine body is centered around these. Concentrating near the breasts and working on them makes one feel happy, blissful, self confident, sensing sweetness all over the body and being.

Breasts are the POSITIVE poles of a woman and working on it is a must, to make our life whole, happy and healthy. It is essential for every woman to work on her breast tissue.

Working on the breasts will change your life in a beautiful way!

Sahasi Breast Care Program Details

Yoga Exercises and Healthy Food

Take out all the physical, mental tension and negative emotions from your chest and breast tissue. These exercises specifically help the women to balance their hormonal and reproductive systems.

The healthy Indian food, herbal teas and herbal supplements taken regularly for 21 days will make the breasts and the whole woman body healthy.

Ancient Meditations for Women

Ancient meditation techniques. The meditations will help to bring positivity, acceptance and deep relaxation. Will improve relating. Unhealthy relationship is one of the major cause of getting breast tumors.

It will bring you to the state of No Mind, if done regularly. With increased self acceptance, you will learn to nurture your femininity and enjoy being yourself - A SIMPLE LOVING AND CARING WOMAN!

Breast Massage with Packs

Usage of special oil and herbs to prevent breast cancer - the second most common type of cancer found in women. Takes out all the toxins stored in the fatty tissue of breasts. Improves the Lymphatic Drainage and Blood circulation.

It also helps to beautify the breasts, making it toned, healthy and improving the size and shape. Brings confidence about having healthy breast tissue.

Stimulation of Marma Points

Stimulation of special vital energy points in the female body.

This will take out all the negativity from the physical, mental and emotional body and will bring relaxation and joy in your life.

  • Self-sufficiently, work on your breasts and stay healthier

  • Offer a 60 minutes session, professionally

  • Spread this work with friends and beyond

  • Love yourself more and also all the people around you

  • Get a certificate of participation

  • Naturally relate more lovingly with family and friends

Breast Care Program

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