Breast Care: A Silent Revolution for Teenagers

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Breast Care: A Silent Revolution for Teenagers

Teenagers – you can change this world by a silent revolution

It is time for us, as women, to start a silent, soft revolution. Revolution here means a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something: a change in paradigm.

Historically, breasts have mostly been symbols of sexuality and sensuality or organs for feeding children. Unfortunately, women often do not think beyond these aspects. In a world where many advancements are being made in education, there is still no comprehensive ‘Breast Care Education.’

Teenagers are bombarded with superficial ideas about their breasts

When I approach individuals in the field of education and suggest incorporating breast care education into school curricula, they look at me as if I have gone mad! A young, growing girl has no idea about breast care. Instead, she is bombarded with superficial ideas about size and shape from the media, where women often display modified, unnatural breasts.

These young girls do not realize these breasts are altered and begin to admire these artificial appearances, carrying misconceptions that cause unnecessary suffering.

Young girls cover their breasts and inner knowing

She knows breasts are organs of sexuality and attraction. In many developing countries like India, girls are expected to cover their breasts, avoid talking about them, and refrain from touching them. Gradually, by covering their breasts and ignoring them outwardly, they also cover them in their minds, hearts, and souls. The connection with their breasts is lost on all levels.

Many women waste a lot of time on unnecessary things like makeup, gossiping, and beauty parlors, yet they have no time or inclination for breast care. Unlike the feet, hands, and face, breasts are more susceptible to diseases; they regulate our hormonal system and can store toxins, making them vulnerable to cancer.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women!

Once we understand the importance of breast care, at least on a physical level, we can make time to care for our breasts. It is crucial for teenagers to start understanding this and to take care of their breasts, so they will not only have healthy breasts but also a healthy attitude towards life itself—an attitude of compassion and motherliness. This can change the world in a beautiful way.

Regenerating young women means regenerating the world. The fundamental change must happen in young women to change this world.

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